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The Prize Aquarium Debuts; Andamiro Obtains Exclusive Rights To Jiuyou’s Capsule Game In U.S., Japan



GARDENA, CA -- Guangzhou Jiuyou Animation Technology Co. Ltd. (Jiuyou) and Andamiro Co. Ltd. (Goyang, Gyeonggi Province, Republic of Korea) have entered into an agreement that awards Andamiro exclusive sales and marketing rights to Jiuyou’s Crazy Capsule Toys amusement vending machine or any other variation of Jiuyou’s product. Andamiro through its subsidiaries Andamiro USA (Gardena, CA) and Andamiro Japan (Tokyo) will market the amusement device under the name “The Prize Aquarium.” Andamiro USA unveilled The Prize Aquarium at the 2018 IAAPA Attractions Expo, which took place Nov. 13-16 in Orlando, FL. 

Under terms of the agreement, Andamiro becomes the only company authorized to sell Jiuyou’s capsule game in the United States. “We are honored that Jiuyou has awarded Andamiro the responsibility to market its product,” said Andamiro chairman and chief executive CS Lee. “This is a responsibility that we take very seriously.”

The Prize Aquarium is an entertaining gravity game that invites patrons to test their timing reflexes to win prizes. The player applies skill to time the release of a prize capsule with the object of dropping it through a moving target hole. The game has three target holes that are part of a revolving prize wheel; when a capsule is dropped from the overhead loading tube into one of the openings, the winner can retrieve their prize through the product door. A missed capsule, which drains through a centrally located exit on the prize wheel, is automatically returned to the overhead storage bin.

A self-contained, instant redemption machine, The Prize Aquarium is ideal for both gameroom and street locations. It supports the 4” vending capsule format, a popular size for amusement machine applications. The 4” capsule accommodates a wide variety of novelties, enabling operators to offer their customers value. And the capsule itself is the central part of Prize Aquarium’s simple one-button gameplay. During the IAAPA show, Andamiro demonstrated the game with ticket values inside the capsules.

Andamiro’s Prize Aquarium measures 30” W. x 40” D. x 80” H. and weighs 320 lbs. It boasts vibrant aquatically themed cabinet graphics and a lively soundtrack

Founded in 2014 and headquartered in Panyu, Guangzhou, Jiuyou Animation Technology Co. Ltd. specializes in the design and development of commercial games and electronic entertainment products. Jiuyou’s factory is equipped with state-of-the-art quality control systems. In addition to amusement devices, the company develops products that are designed to build intellectual, role-playing, social and physical skills for children. Visit to learn more about Jiuyou Animation.

Headquartered near Seoul, Korea, Andamiro Co. Ltd. designs and manufactures ticket redemption amusements, prize merchandisers and sports games, along with the world-famous Pump It Up dance stage. More information about The Prize Aquarium can be had by contacting Andamiro USA at (310) 767-5800 or


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