Soccer Safari (Vending)

Go! Go! Go! Soccer Safari Is Fun, Fast And Compulsive. 


Dimensions 563mm x 887mm x 1,686mm
22" x 35" x 66"

Packing Dimensions 765mm x 980mm x 1,780mm
30" x 39" x 70"

Product Weight 90 kg / 198 lbs

Packing Weight 100 kg / 220 lbs

Power 90w

SoccerSafari PrizeRedemption

Go! Go! Go! Soccer Safari Is Fun, Fast And Compulsive.

Reach The Winning Score To Win A Prize.


This compact power-shooting game deck out in colorful “safari graphics is ideal for bulk vending locations,

route operations and FECs. Soccer Safari is bill acceptor ready and includes dual coin comparitors.

It vends 2” round capsules or novelty balls and holds up to 200 prize units. Prizes are “self-transporting,”

descending on delivery ramp from the storage bin to the prize door. Soccer Safari is fast, fun and compulsive.

The player fires mini soccer balls using two buttons (tapping with both hands).

The objective is to shoot the balls past the moving goalkeeper to score as many points as possible.

Game time and winning points are adjustable, allowing operators to tailor gameplay.

Interactive lights and background audio enhance gameplay.

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