The Prize Aquarium

Entertaining and fun gravity game! 


Dimensions 760mm x 1,000mm x 1,802mm
30" x 39" x 71"

Packing Dimensions 860mm x 1,100mm x 2,200mm
34" x 43" x 87"

Product Weight 145 kg / 320 lbs

Packing Weight 170 kg / 375 lbs

Power 120w

ThePrizeAquarium PrizeRedemption

Entertaining and fun gravity game!


Simple one-button operation : credit game, press button, capsule drops.

Player times the release of prize capsule.

3 target holes are part of revolving prize wheel.

Drop capsule in one of three holes to win.

Missed capsules automatically reload.

Overhead bin holds up to 45 capsules.

4" capsules accommodate wide variety of prizes.

Vibrant cabinet graphics and lively soundtrack.




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