WWE Superstar Rumble



Dimensions 1,582mm x 1,212mm x 2,460mm
62" x 48" x 97"

Packing Dimensions 1,700mm x 1,150mm x 2,200mm
67" x 45" x 87"

Product Weight 460 kg / 1,014 lbs

Packing Weight 515 kg / 1,135 lbs

Power 530w

WweSuperstarRumble TicketRedemption WWE

WWE Superstar Rumble brings brand muscle to amusements.

Licensed arcade attraction boasts eight pro wrestler collectible cards.


Arcade excitement reaches new heights with the latest card- and ticket-dispensing game from Andamiro.

Featuring official content from the World Wrestling Entertainment organization, WWE Superstar Rumble is both entertaining and visually dazzling.

Players fire steel balls at a moving target resembling the WWE championship belt.

A successful hit moves the player up the ladder, while a miss redirects the ball onto a maze-like playfield, clad with pegs, where tickets are won.

Reach the top of the ladder to win cards.

Drain a ball in the center hole five times to enable multi-ball action.

Each of the game’s two player stations has its own video display running game-related animation and real wrestling footage.

This game plays with eight collectable cards that can also be exchanged for tickets.

TM & ©2018 World Wrestling Entertainment Inc.


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