Tight Rope

Run away from chaser and across Tight Rope! 


Dimensions 902mm x 991mm x 2,348mm
36" x 39" x 92"

Packing Dimensions 1,150mm x 910mm x 2,160mm
45" x 36" x 85"

Product Weight 160 kg / 353 lbs

Packing Weight 240 kg / 529 lbs

Power 360w

TightRope TicketRedemption

Hi-def graphics simulate views from highwire adventures.

Watch out for moving obstacles!


Tight Rope is an arcade novelty that applies the art of riding a unicycle on the highwire to a video-redemption game.

With its high-definition graphics simulating views from various highwire adventures and its moving obstacles that increase the challenge,

Tight Rope will immerse gamers and test their reaction skills.

The game’s main interface is Andamiro’s pedal-style controller (like a crank axel on a unicycle). 


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