The world's largest Pump It Up festival and contest set for Bogotá: Sept. 16-18

  • Date : 10/10/2022


The B!G ONE is back! The world's premier Pump It Up esports event is heading to Bogotá, Colombia, for three-days of dance competition and celebration.

From September 16 to 18 (Friday-Sunday), more than 230 of the best pumpers from 16 countries will descend on the 8,700-ft. high capital city.

Official PIU competitions include Men's Speed (speed reflex coordination), Women's Speed and Free Style (choreographic dance), as well as events for intermediate and novice pumpers.

While the B!G ONE is not an official Andamiro event, we wish the organizers and participants great success…and send a special shout-out to Argentina’s Ra Jiménez.

This year’s tournament is sponsored by Coca-Cola Co.’s Powerade.

Look for B!G ONE updates on social media and a livestream on YouTube.


Here are some links:

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