Andamiro display brand new models Lineup in IAAPA Expo in Orlando USA. Specialized IPs for Marvel and aps Off Its Second Marvel, Jurrasic world and Spongebob

  • Date : 12/01/2022

Andamiro USA Corp., a unit of South Korea’s Andamiro Co. Ltd., finally unveiled their new products on Nov. 15 in IAAPA ORLANDO USA.
A large crowd gathered to booth and see the brand new Andamiro games  and show their enthusiasm for Andamiro's new product.
Andamiro's games were all wearing the world's No. 1 IP of Marvel, Jurrasic world and Spongebob, and successfully launched market leading products.

The IAAPA Expo, the largest trade show for the attractions industry, runs from Nov. 15 to 18. This year’s show is expected to host some 1,000 exhibitors and more than 25,000 visitors at Orlando’s Orange County Convention Center. Andamiro will be in booth No. 600 in the South Hall.

» Avengers 2P coin pushers with cards, the fully loaded arcade experience.

» Avengers 1P coin pushers without cards, a simple, economical solution.

» Avengers Infinity Stone Challenge, Andamiro’s newest Marvel game.

» Bobblehead Baseball, a new video redemption game.

» Jurassic World MINI, a good fit where space is limited.

» Pump It Up LX with the latest XX software.

» The Redeem Machine, Andamiro’s card, coin and chip kiosk.

» Safe Cracker, a merchandiser pillar.

» SpongeBob Pirates of Bikini Bottom, a new ball pusher with cards, chips and video play.

» Ticket Coaster, a kinetic adventure in an eye-catching SpongeBob cabinet.



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