Andamiro and MLB Players Inc. bring action-packed baseball video game exclusively to arcades and FECs

  • Date : 10/17/2022

IRVING, TX—August 22, 2022—Andamiro and the MLB Players Association have teamed up to present a new baseball video game for arcades and family entertainment centers. Bobblehead Baseball is Andamiro’s latest video redemption game and first licensed title from MLB Players Inc., a subsidiary of the MLBPA.


Andamiro’s new “videmption” (video + redemption) game pits arcade gamers against the bobble-headed avatars of MLB’s biggest stars in this fast-action, wholesome video game that awards tickets. Bobblehead Baseball began shipping industrywide this month following a Dave & Buster’s chain-wide deployment that began in May. The new game rolls out with 21 MLB stars: eight pitchers and 13 batters.


The action begins when the game selects the pitcher and the player picks their batter. There are three adjustable difficulty levels (easy, normal and hard). Bobble-headed pitchers throw fastballs, curveballs or changeups, while batters aim their swings at seven outfield targets with ticket values. To win the Super Bobblehead Bonus, players should aim for the letters that spell G-R-A-N-D—S-L-A-M. But avoid hitting the out markers! Three outs end the game, naturally.




To entice repeat participation, the grand-slam bonus is progressive, preserving the most recent spelling status until the big-ticket prize is won and reset. Adding to the excitement, a Home Run Chance booster alternates positions in front of the targets. Hitting a homer boosts points by 200. When a game is over, points are converted to tickets.


Bobblehead Baseball is not a one-and-done redemption game. In addition to awarding tickets, it offers gamers entertainment value. As they play more, skilled players could keep a game in session for a minute or two.


“We were very pleased by all reactions to Bobblehead Baseball at this year’s trade shows,” said Andamiro USA president Drew Maniscalco. “Baseball means summer. And America’s pastime creates a good feeling in everyone…and who doesn’t love a bobblehead?”


In fact, bobbleheads, named to described small collectible doll figures featuring disproportionately oversized heads, have a long connection to baseball, dating back to 1960 when a papier-mâché series was created for each team. Andamiro’s new video pays homage to that history.



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