SpongeBob Ticket Coaster



Dimensions 1,803mm x 1,397mm x 2,583mm
71" x 55" x 102"

Packing Dimensions 1,900mm x 1,190mm x 2,250mm
75" x 47" x 89"

Product Weight 432 kg / 952 lbs

Packing Weight 460 kg / 1,014 lbs

Power 450w

SpongebobTicketCoaster TicketRedemption Nickelodeon Paramount Viacom Spongebob

Attractive cabinet pairs two player stations in

an island format that makes this game a great centerpiece.


SpongeBob SquarePants Ticket Coaster is an entertaining gravity game for players of all ages.

Players start the mechanical action by dropping a ball into a helix launcher, or corkscrew,

which in turn deposits the ball onto a track to complete the ride.

The object of the game is to accurately time the landing of a ball into the opening of one of the roller coaster cars.

There are nine cars with nine corresponding ticket values.

When a player lights up all nine ticket values, they win the super bonus.

Andamiro’s latest SpongeBob amusement device is packaged in an attractive cabinet that pairs two player stations in an island format.

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