Dimensions 984mm x 950mm x 1,853mm
39" x 37" x 73"

Packing Dimensions 1,150mm x 850mm x 2,050mm
45" x 33" x 81"

Product Weight 283 kg / 624 lbs

Packing Weight 300 kg / 661 lbs

Power 180w

iCube PrizeRedemption

The UItimate Prize Merchandiser


Sturdy, Brightly Lit, Steel Cabinet Based on Beautiful iPhone Design!

LED Lighting For Charismatic Look!

Eye Level Play Zone Gives Players Confidence Of Winning!

Anti-Theft Protection For Each Prize Bin!

Adjustable Prize Bins To Hold Various Size Prizes!

Simple 1 Button Control

Each Prize Bin is Adjustable For Payout From 1~9999!

Smart Monitoring System™ Optional upon Customer Request!


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