Krazy Ballz


Dimensions 1,905mm x 1,905mm x 2,386mm
75" x 75" x 94"

Packing Dimensions(Main Body) 1,440mm x 1,440mm x 2,010mm
57" x 57" x 79"

Packing Dimensions(ETC) 860mm x 1,440mm x 910mm
34" x 57" x 36"

Product Weight 354 kg / 780 lbs

Packing Weight 414 kg / 913 lbs

Power 850w

KrazyBallz TicketRedemption

It’s a perfect storm of fun! Andamiro’s Krazy Ballz offers high-energy, whirlwind gameplay in an eye-popping, colorful 4-player centerpiece cabinet.

Andamiro’s Krazy Ballz is a vibrant arcade game that stands out as a 4-player centerpiece. Krazy Ballz pits players against each other in a fast-paced competition; the objective is to collect balls that match their designated zone color – red, green, blue and yellow – with purple balls acting as wild cards. Set within a radial wind simulation dome, the game employs a centrifugal energy system to animate the balls in a chaotic motion. Players aim to be the first to gather four matching balls to win, while quickly ejecting opposing ones, with the added incentive of earning a 2,000-ticket Super Bonus by collecting four purple balls. Gameplay encourages quick thinking, strategy and agility, making it an engaging challenge for participants. Boasting a 75″ x 75″ footprint (about 39 sq.ft.) and appealing to a wide audience, Krazy Ballz promises to be a lasting attraction among multiplayer redemption game offerings.


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